Posryst ™Pre-Lit Prismatic Tree

Style:  11.8 In
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✨Turn your front yard into a winter wonderland with our Christmas Outdoor Large Decorative Lights.✨

Featuring a pre-lit giant wire charm with a variety of smaller shatterproof charms, it's sure to impress all your friends and family wherever you display it.

The 23.6-inch metal accents can stand alone in an eye-catching arrangement or be added to other pieces for a dazzling holiday scene.
Each shatterproof charm comes in a different cohesive design like striped, solid or red, gold and textured green for added variety. These gorgeous metallic pre-lit decor inspired decorations can be displayed in a number of ways - anchor them to the ground or arrange them at the entryway to infuse a festive mood anywhere.

Blinking LED
Equipped with 100/200 white LED lights with blinking function and a 6.56-foot lead, this piece not only lights up the night, but it's also super easy and quick to set up. 

Pre-lit decor
100/200 cool white
For indoor and outdoor use
Size:  11.8/23.6-inch