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Ceramic Finish Antimicrobial Shapewear for the Most Skin-Friendly Life Ever! No need to worry about sweat and discomfort, these pants are not only cool and breathable but also soft and form-fitting, perfect for shaping your body. Durable and eco-friendly, they are definitely your secret weapon for effortless weight loss. Come and try them out now to experience the unparalleled cool and breathable feeling!


Kathleen Buckley submitted this photo of his journey using the Bazeec™ Original ceramic-faced ion fiber repair shaper . Congrats on the success!


“As someone who has struggled with obesity due to lack of physical activity and tried numerous methods in an effort to reduce weight, I can confidently say that the Original Ceramic Ice Feeling Facial Ion Fiber Repair Shaper have made a remarkable difference in my journey. After using these shorts for a few weeks, I have experienced significant changes in my body and overall weight loss and already lost a total of 37lbs. Not only have I noticed physical improvements, but my confidence has soared as well. These shorts have given me a newfound sense of assurance and positivity.”

“I cannot express enough how much I adore this shapewear! I have been wearing it consistently for the past few weeks, and I am amazed at the results. Not only has it effectively reduced the appearance of my stretch marks, but it has also beautifully sculpted my body. Without a doubt, this is the best purchase I have made this year!.” - Megan Bristow   

“"As someone who has battled with cellulite for years, I found myself struggling with self-confidence and discomfort in my own skin. The appearance of dimpled skin affected my daily life and made me feel insecure. That was until I discovered the Negative Oxygen Ion Detox Shaper. These shorts have been a game-changer for my cellulite journey. They have not only helped me reduce the appearance of cellulite but have also boosted my self-esteem. Now, I can confidently embrace my body and feel more comfortable in my own skin. These shorts have truly been a blessing in my life!"

Kelly Archie,Manchester- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Why Does Fat Get Stored In The Belly Faster?

When the body requires energy, it breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol, which are then circulated and utilized by muscles and other tissues. If the body takes in more energy than it expends, the surplus energy is converted into fat and stored in fat cells, resulting in weight gain and the buildup of fat. As women age, they may observe a rise in belly fat, even without experiencing weight gain. This occurrence can be attributed to diminished circulation and a slowdown in metabolism that typically accompany the aging process.

How Does The Bazeec™ Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper Works?

 Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper  activate more than 800 reflex points in the abdominal area. These specially designed yoga shorts utilize ion therapy, far-infrared therapy, and absinthe therapy to generate energy independently, without requiring an external power source like electricity. By combining these therapeutic approaches, the shorts offer users a comprehensive massage and stimulation experience. They effectively enhance blood and lymphatic circulation, alleviate lymphedema and inflammation, and minimize fluid retention and cellulite buildup in the body.

Absinthe Therapy

By infusing absinthe into the fabric and utilizing a unique process to embed tourmaline, a shorts garment can release thujone and negative ions. The combination of Far Infrared Therapy and Absinthe Therapy offers various benefits, including pain relief, muscle relaxation, and inflammation reduction in different areas of the body.

Prolonged use of these shorts has been observed to prevent and address health issues like inflammation, cellulite, swollen lymph nodes, edema, gynecological conditions, and even cervical cancer prevention.

Research findings have indicated that the

Bazeec™ Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper is an innovative shorts possess the capability to generate infrared energy without relying on external power sources. According to insights from New York Medicine, infrared therapy not only improves blood circulation, enhances cellular metabolism, and stimulates collagen production, but it also facilitates calorie consumption in the body, leading to weight loss.

By stimulating fat cells, infrared therapy prompts the release of fatty acids and glycerol, which are subsequently utilized by the body, resulting in weight loss. Furthermore, infrared therapy accelerates the body's metabolic rate, leading to increased calorie expenditure and aiding in the achievement of weight loss objectives.

Far Infrared Therapy, endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is an advanced treatment that promotes fat burning, reduces stretch marks, and eliminates cellulite. Through the use of far infrared radiation, it enhances blood circulation, metabolism, collagen production, and breaks down subcutaneous fat, helping women achieve their desired body goals.

Achieve Fitness & Enhance Blood Circulation

The tourmaline-infused shorts feature precious natural minerals that stimulate the muscles in the tummy and hips using acupressure techniques, resulting in improved blood circulation and overall body relaxation. The shorts are intelligently crafted to provide a sleek and contoured appearance from any perspective. They are skin-friendly, breathable, and remarkably lightweight, weighing only a fraction of regular shorts while delivering ten times the shaping effect on the body. With these shorts, you can achieve a perfect body curve overnight!

Experience Rapid Body Shaping, Fat Burning, And Detoxification

Our Bazeec

 Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper  are designed to support your weight loss journey, even if you have a sedentary lifestyle or struggle with maintaining a balanced diet. With 80% of Far Infrared Therapy, these shorts assist in achieving your desired weight. The shorts work by boosting metabolism, detoxifying the body, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and addressing edema. Moreover, they aid in quickly shaping your body, firming the waist and abdomen, and enhancing the fullness of your hips.

Achieve A Lifted & Fuller Buttock Appearance

The BazeecOriginal Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper  utilize massaging properties and ion release to stimulate collagen production. This process helps tighten and lift sagging or misshapen buttocks, resulting in the disappearance of loose skin and excess fat.

The Bazeec™ Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper are equipped with antibacterial properties, providing an additional protective layer for your intimate area. They effectively prevent bacteria from entering and thriving in the intimate area, reducing the risk of infections and other hygiene-related issues. Whether worn for everyday use or during physical activities, it offers a comfortable and safe environment for you.

What Makes This Bazeec™ Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper  Be The GREAT CHOICE?

✔ Therapies verified by authoritative institutions

✓ Reduce internal waste and excess fat, slimming

✔ Repair cellulite and varicose veins on legs

✔ Remove stretch marks

✓ Accelerate metabolism, solve lymphatic problems (lymphedema, lipoma, etc.)

✓ Significantly improve blood circulation throughout the body

✓ Shapes and Forms Waist & Hips

✓ Reduce physical fatigue and chronic inflammation

✓ Prevent cancer cells and enhance the immune system

✓  Improves Digestive Function

Here are some of our happy customers:

Scarlett Thompson, from San Francisco, California, Shared with Us Her Wonderful Journey!

"Before I started using Bazeec Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper, my lifestyle and weight were in an unhealthy state. I had gotten used to fast food and sugary treats, and my daily physical activity was quite limited. I felt tired, discouraged, and unhappy with my appearance. However, I didn't have much motivation to lose weight because my previous efforts had shown little results, which made it easy for me to give up."


"Everything changed when I started wearing Bazeec Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper Right away, I could see a noticeable change in my figure. My waist had more defined curves, and my clothes looked so much better on me. This gave me the motivation to wear them every day, and I no longer felt discouraged about my weight loss journey. Instead, I looked forward to it every day. The truth is, I was indeed shedding a few pounds every day, even without any strict dieting. So, the entire weight loss process felt joyful, and I didn't experience any pressure."


"After wearing them for six weeks, my body had undergone a tremendous transformation. This is where I find this product truly remarkable – it lets you gradually lose weight without any anxiety or stress. Every day of using it felt like an accomplishment. My overall health and sleep quality improved significantly. I had previously struggled with high blood sugar and high cholesterol, but now, both had returned to normal levels. I woke up feeling refreshed and energetic every day. I can't find any reason to not recommend this product. My friends who tried it after my recommendation were all grateful. The experience this product brings is genuinely astonishing!"

-Scarlett Thompson, Sheffield


“I have been amazed by the results I achieved with the Bazeec™Original Ceramic Ice Sensation Ionic Fiber Repair Shaper without making any alterations to my diet or daily routine. Simply wearing these shorts throughout the day, I witnessed a remarkable transformation as the excess fat seemed to melt away, leaving me with a perfectly toned physique. The effectiveness of these shorts in helping me achieve my desired level of muscular definition was truly astonishing. I cannot recommend these shorts enough for those seeking noticeable results without having to make significant lifestyle changes. They have truly left me feeling shredded and satisfied with my body's appearance.” - Diana Perez