Posryst ™The Magic Hanger- Save up space in your closet

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Not enough space in your closet? Need to reorganize it every once in a while?

The Magic Hanger design makes it possible for you to maximize your storage space like never before, becoming quickly a staple in many homes, not only because they help with storage but because they make finding your favorite clothes easier than ever!

This Multi-Port Clothes Hanger has 9 holes to hang clothes vertically, also effectively anti-skid. Will greatly save your cabinet space. It's a must-have item for your home.

Built from heavy-duty reinforced plastic is strong enough to hang heavy winter jackets. 

Why our customers love it?:

  • SUPER SPACE SAVING Nine-hole Magic Hanger can hang 9 clothes! After hanging clothes, you can rotate and fold the hanger to hang vertically. You will see that there is so much extra space this hanger helps you save!

  • DESIGNED TO LAST LONGER - High-quality PP material makes it strong enough to hang 6 kg items. 

  • 360 Degree Rotation - The track has a built-in buckle so this hanger can be rotated and hung vertically or horizontally to maximize home space, keep shirts, pants, and shirts organized, wrinkle-free.

  • Strong Load Bearing Capacity - The edge of the hanger is round and smooth, so it will not hurt your hands and protect your clothes 

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