Posryst ™🧚Wonderland-like Garden Decoration

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Fairies:  Dancing with Dandelions
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🧚‍♀️ It's no secret that elves are part of our lives in Middle-earth.

🧚‍♀️A flower fairy can be the perfect companion to your traditional cottage garden or an eye-catching centerpiece in a modern setting.

🧚‍♀️From angels and plant goddesses to fairies, our world is full of companions. We just need to open up our intuitions and cravings for the unusual to tap into their energies.

🧚‍♀️A little fairy went out to collect wishes and found a big dandelion. It was too heavy to fly, so she set off to take it home. The other fairies offer to help, but she is too proud to insist that she can handle it. She didn't know, all the way back, all her wishes came to nothing. When she got home, all her wishes vanished. Disappointed, she turns to pick them up, and as she returns to each desire, she discovers stories about who and what happened.

🧚‍♀️The fairies are hard-working and take their role as Earth guardians very seriously. Pan, the god of the natural world, aided their efforts and was another ally of humanity in governing the planet. If you ever get a chance to meet Pan, which I hope you do, you will find that he is an intelligent and thoughtful man. Gentle and powerful, Pan leads Wonderland in a continual repair of what humanity has destroyed in the search for oil, precious gems, and metals, and through the process of intensive farming.

🧚‍♀️If you happen to have a cottage garden, you will be very popular with fairies. They love all plants, but especially nasturtiums, dianthus, foxgloves, daisies, daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths, umbrellas like dill and carrots, poppies, pigeons, bleeding hearts, and of course, ferns Plants and lianas.

🧚‍♀️Three best friends set off into this world, who knows what fun and excitement they have?

🧚‍♀️ Feel free to insert these fairies into your garden to attract other fairies and mythical creatures

🧚‍♀️ Fairies will not only help your garden become a spiritual haven, but will also empower your heart with love, peace, and compassion. Instead of wands, they were equipped with magical dandelions that danced poetically in the air, allowing them to cast spells.

🧚‍♀️It's really pleasant to watch the flower fairy spin in the wind in the backyard!!

Testimonial: "Ever since I added the Starlight-fairy Garden Sculptures to my outdoor sanctuary, my garden has transformed into a whimsical haven. The vibrant handwork and exquisite industrial artwork create a magical atmosphere that uplifts my spirits every day. It's like stepping into a fairytale. Thank you for bringing enchantment to my life."  
 Olivia T. 

🧚‍♀️Love "Dancing with Dandelions", one of my favorites. The beautiful dandelion brought me back to my childhood. Thanks! - Cathy Fisher

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About size and making

All the fairies are made of recycled waste metal, and have undergone environmental protection processing, compression, polishing and other processes, and then made by hand.

Single or in groups, they range in size from about 2 ft to 3 ft.
Black coating leaf can be painted to keep it bright or to age naturally and eventually turn a patina.


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