“Nail art focuses on fashion and personality, with rich styles and suitable for various styles....”
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🎀Wear manicure anytime, reusable, no damage to nails🎀

✨Solid Nail Polish✨

😘Smooth as butter, perfect for beginners😘 Remember to use it with a grilling lamp when purchasing🥰

Why do I want to open this store?

I want to say something to everyone
Hello everyone, I am a shop owner. I have been engaged in the nail art industry for 15 years and have rich experience. Considering that many excellent designs can only be owned by some people who love nail art, and considering that making nail art for a long time requires polishing the nail bed and removing the nails, At that time, the nails of people who love manicures have become very fragile and easy to break, so they thought of wearing manicures in this way and in the most economical way so that everyone can wear manicures that look good and do not hurt their nails.